Ticket Donation Policy

Charlotte Ballet is proud to support the wonderful work of many charitable organizations within the Charlotte Metro region. During the 2016/2017 season, Charlotte Ballet donated over 250 tickets valued at more than $14,000 to 121 different organizations.

Charlotte Ballet typically donates 2 tickets to the performance closest to the eligible organization’s event.

Ticket donation requests have ended for Charlotte Ballet’s 2016/2017 Season.  The request form for a ticket donation to the 2017/2018 Season will be available on July 10.


Due to a large number of requests and limited ticket inventory, Charlotte Ballet has established the following eligibility guidelines for organization’s seeking ticket donations.

– Donation requests must be received at least 6 weeks in advance of event date.
– Requests must be submitted via the online form. No emails, phone calls or mailed letters, please.
– Priority is given to organizations that partner or have a relationship with Charlotte Ballet.
– Organizations are eligible for a donation once per performance season (October- April). An organization cannot request a ticket donation multiple times within a performance season.
– Charlotte Ballet directly supports the causes and organizations themselves and does not donate to third-party fundraisers.
– Charlotte Ballet ticket donations are to be used for silent auctions only. No raffles or incentives, please.
– Charlotte Ballet does not support organizations that are religiously or politically affiliated.

How It Works

– Eligible organizations will request a ticket donation via the online form at least 6 weeks before their event. The contact person will receive an automatic email response confirming submission.
– Charlotte Ballet will respond via email within 10 business days. If the organization meets eligibility guidelines and ticket donation inventory is available, the response email will include a PDF donation certificate. This donation certificate includes the performance, eligible dates/times, value of the tickets, and redemption deadline.
– The organization holds their silent auction and the winner is given the certificate. The winner must follow the instructions on the donation certificate and redeem by the redemption date.

The request form for a ticket donation to the 2017/2018 Season will be available on July 10.