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Jonas Godwin

Jonas started dancing at age nine at the Academy of Ballet Arts in St. Petersburg, FL. He attended high school at the Pinellas County Center for the Arts where he studied under Suzanne Pomerantzeff, Patricia Paige Parks and Doricha Sales. He has attended summer programs under full scholarship with American Ballet Theatre, Alonzo King Lines Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, and Chautauqua Institution where he was awarded with the Artistic Director Award for Overall Excellence and Faculty Award for Technical Merit. Jonas has performed in Mark Diamond’s Bolero and Sasha Janes’s Four Seasons. This will be his first season with Charlotte Ballet as a second company member.

  • Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
  • Dancing Since: Age 9
  • Seasons with Charlotte Ballet II: 2
  • Favorite role performed: Balanchine’s “Who Cares” which I performed this past summer at Chautauqua
  • Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings trilogy 
  • Advice for aspiring dancers: Always try to work harder than not only everyone in the room, but yourself. Each time you step in the studio, you want to be better than the last time. Think more precisely and move with more richness.
  • Favorite Ballet: “Oceans” by Alonzo King

Are you ready for audition season? Take it from us- our company dancers have been through many auditions in their careers, and they want to share their tips with YOU to make sure you rock your audition!

1. Treat it like a normal class


Drew Grant | 2nd Season

“Don’t be late and make sure to pick appropriate attire. Remind yourself that it’s just class, the same you take everyday, enjoy it!”

Lexi Johnson | 2nd Season

“When you go into the audition, try to let go of your nervous energy and treat it like a normal technique class. Try your best to relax, stay focused and show the teacher how much you enjoy dancing. No matter the outcome, the experience of auditioning teaches you a lot, so it’s rewarding either way!”

2. Be in performance Mode


Claire Hutchinson | Second company, 2nd Season

“Don’t watch the other dancers. An audition is like a performance, so stay in performance mode and try not to get distracted. It will also be easier to dance your best if you are enjoying yourself. So have fun!”

3. Dress to impress and show your confidence


Sarah Hayes Harkins | 10th Season

“Don’t be afraid to register early and get up front!! Wear something noticeable and pretty in your hair, but also don’t over do it.  Pay close attention to details of the combinations, do it exactly how it is demonstrated to the best of your ability.”

Elizabeth Truell | 3rd Season

Dress to make yourself feel confident and beautiful. You should go in the front and don’t be afraid to show yourself. Most importantly, just enjoy dancing and show them your passion.”

Sarah Lapointe | 3rd Season

“Always present yourself as well put together and organized. This will show your professional attitude and bring an impeccable look to every audition you attend!”

4. Show why you love it


Anson Zwingelberg | 1st Season

“It’s important to remember what makes you passionate about dancing. To reach deep down and discover what inspires, motivates and ignites your spark; it is this that what will make you unique and one of a kind.”

5. Don’t judge yourself


Colby Foss | 1st Season

“My teacher in college, Mr. Clouser, always said, ‘learn everything, judge nothing,’ and I stand by that.”

Put these tips to use!

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