Summer Workshop

2019 dates coming soon

The Summer Workshop offers classes in Ballet, Pointe, Modern and Jazz five afternoons per week with the Academy’s outstanding faculty members. The Workshop is designed to help students age 9-12 build strength and technique in preparation for participation in the more advanced Summer Intensive program. The Workshop is offered for five weeks and students have the option to attend three, four or five weeks. Two specialized classes will be offered for pointe work: Pointe Strength Training for students with no prior training in pointe shoes, and Pointe for students with 6 months or more of training in pointe shoes.The Workshop is recommended for Charlotte Ballet Academy Ballet 2 and Ballet 3 students. Students who are not currently enrolled in the Academy will be asked to take a placement class prior to registration. Workshop is divided into two levels: A and B. While both levels share the same curriculum Level A moves at a quicker pace while Level B allows students more time to ask questions and teachers to provide corrections.

Placement Class Schedule

Placement classes are required for the Summer 2019 Workshop. Students interested in taking a Placement Class should fill out the Summer Program Interest Form. Please call 704.372.3900 with any questions.Placement classes are group classes held at the Center for Dance at 701 N Tryon St.

2018 Tuition



3 Weeks $640
4 Weeks $760
Jr. Intensive +3 Weeks of Workshop $990
Jr. Intensive + 4 Weeks of Workshop $1,070

*A one time $20 Registration fee is due at the time of enrollment. Students wishing to attend more than one program (Jr. Intensive and Workshop) pay only one enrollment fee. This excludes the Summer Intensive Program.

Choose Your Weeks

The Workshop is offered for four weeks and students have the option to attend for three or four weeks. Dancers who attend for the three week session will be able to select out of the four weeks which three they would like to attend. At the time of registration, you will be asked to select and register for each week that you plan to attend.

Weekly Schedule Example







Ballet5–6:30 PM Ballet5–6:30 PM Ballet5–6:30 PM Ballet5–6:30 PM Ballet5–6:30 PM
Girls: Pointe or Pointe Strength6:30-7:30 PM Jazz6:30–7:30 PM Girls: Pointe or Pointe Strength6:30-7:30 PM Modern6:30–7:30 PM Girls: Pointe or Pointe Strength6:30-7:30 PM
Boys: Youth Modern6:30-7:30 PM  Girls: Pointe6:30-7:30 PM Boys Youth Jazz 6:30-7:30 PM

 *Classes do NOT meet on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Class Descriptions


Designed for students with a sound foundation in ballet technique, this class focuses on maintaining correct placement while moving and strengthening the abdominal core, back, and legs in all positions. Level B is designed for students with a sound foundation in ballet technique. Level A is designed for students with a sound foundation and increased proficiency in ballet technique. Both levels will build upon a student’s overall strength and coordination and introduce appropriate curriculum.

Pointe Strength Training

Designed for students with no prior training in pointe shoes, this class refines placement and increases leg and foot strength with an emphasis on cross-training exercises and appropriate strength training and pointe preparation. This class is also appropriate for students who have trained at other schools in pre-pointe shoes only. Students should NOT purchase pointe shoes for this class.


Designed for students with 6 months or more of training in pointe shoes, this class introduces multiple exercises away from the barre, and builds strength for single-leg exercises on pointe.


Students learn the basics of classical and contemporary jazz technique while improving rhythm, motor skills and flexibility. Class is set to upbeat, familiar music.


Students explore various movement styles, spatial relationships and rhythmic patterns in a structured class environment. The class emphasizes development of core body strength, articulation of the spine and personal expression.

Dress Code

In the proud tradition of classical ballet and in encouragement of each dancer’s positive self-image, we strive to have a clean, uniformed appearance for all our students. Please help us achieve this goal by purchasing leotards, tights and ballet shoes that match our dress code requirements and by fixing your child’s hair for class in the appropriate manner as listed. Academy dress code attire may be purchased at Morris Costumes   4300 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28205

Summer Girl’s Ballet Class Attire

Girls Leotard: Solid color leotardTights: Skin-toned or pink convertible tightsShoes: Skin-toned or pink leather ballet shoesHair: All Summer Workshop female students should wear a high bun on the crown of the head for class. No bangs, loose ends, ponytails or ornamentation is allowed. Please use a hair net to keep fly away ends in place.

Summer Boys Ballet Class Attire

Shirt: Solid color T-shirtLeg Wear: Black bike pants or jazz pantsShirt: WhiteShirt: Black or white leather ballet shoes

Modern Class Attire

Girls: Solid color leotard, footless black tights, bare feet.Boys: Same as ballet attire above, bare feet.

Jazz Class Attire

Girls: Solid color leotard, black jazz pants, black jazz shoes.Boys: Same as ballet class attire, black jazz shoes.

Placement Class DVD Audition

Before submitting a video audition please complete the Summer Program Interest Form.

If you are unable to attend a placement class in person, Charlotte Ballet will accept video auditions before date to be determined and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Submissions must include a completed Summer 2018 Workshop Placement Class Form and a $16 placement class fee. Placement class video auditions should be no longer than 10 minutes in length and must include a live introduction with name, age, years of study, and current place of study.The DVD should include the following material:Barre work  *plié  *tendu *fondu *adagio *grande battement Center work*adagio *tendu *exercise with port de bras *small jumps: 1ST, 2ND, 4TH and 5TH positions.*glissade and assemblé combination*big jump: sissonne temps levé in 1st arabesque and passé retire If they have done pointe *relevé en pointe  *échappé combination Please submit all audition materials together by mail:

Charlotte Ballet Attn: Summer Workshop 2018701 N. Tryon St.Charlotte, NC 28202 If you prefer to submit your video audition materials via e-mail, you may do so by submitting one video link to Video auditions sent in separate/multiple links will not be reviewed. Please call the Charlotte Ballet Academy at 704.372.3900 if you have questions.