Wuthering Heights

April 27-29, 2017 | Knight Theater at Levine Center for the Arts

WUTHERING HEIGHTS is boldly adapted into a ballet by Associate Artistic Director Sasha Janes, whose mother, Jennifer Janes, is designing the costumes. Working together to create the ballet, Sasha’s intricate choreography and unique storytelling style, paired with Jennifer’s incredible costume designs, are sure to transport you to the 1800s.

Take a look through Jennifer’s costume sketches and learn more about each of the main characters, then GET YOUR TICKETS to Wuthering Heights so you can see them come to life!


The female protagonist in Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, Catherine Earnshaw has been described as the epitome of a free spirit. Living a conflicted life in Wuthering Heights, Catherine is selfishly torn between her wild love for Heathcliff and her need for social acceptance, which draws her to end up marrying Edgar Linton.

Her costuming expresses both sides of Catherine, as her first look illustrates her care-free nature, followed by more upper-class attire.


Said to be one of literary’s first “bad boys,” Heathcliff is an orphan who Mr. Earnshaw brings to Wuthering Heights, a place where everyone seems to reject him, except for Catherine. Misunderstood by society, his unbreakable love for Catherine leads him to a life of revenge after her marriage to Edgar Linton and the death of Mr. Earnshaw.

These three sketches illustrate the transformation of Heathcliff from his early days with Catherine to after his return to Wuthering Heights as a changed man.


The ideal gentleman, Edgar resides across the moors from Wuthering Heights in Thrushcross Grange with his sister, Isabella Linton. Both handsome and rich, he becomes the husband of Catherine Earnshaw, and the father of their daughter, Catherine Linton, sparking Heathcliff’s revenge against him and his family


Living a privileged life, Isabella Linton is Edgar Linton’s sister. She falls in love with Heathcliff and the two marry, though her love is never reciprocated. She ends up leaving Heathcliff and the hateful relationship, but not before giving birth to their son, Linton Heathcliff.


The primary narrator in the literary novel, Nelly Dean is the compassionate caretaker of Catherine and Linton Earnshaw. It is through her storytelling that readers understand the history of what happens in Wuthering Heights.


Another enemy of Heathcliff’s, Hindley is the brother of Catherine Earnshaw. He resents Heathcliff for coming to Wuthering Heights and is a very unhappy man. He marries a woman named Frances and the two have a son, Hareton Earnshaw.


Frances Earnshaw becomes the wife of Hindley after meeting him at college. The two come to Wuthering Heights where she begins to treat Heathcliff just as badly as Hindley does. She dies after having their son, Hareton Earnshaw, who ends up loving Heathcliff as a father more than his own.


The story of Wuthering Heights follows the characters as they grow from children to adults. In the children’s costuming – shown here with Catherine, Heathcliff, Edgar and his sister, Isabella – the essence of their characters remain the same.

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