Charlotte Ballet’s 2017 Summer Intensive started this week! Students will have the opportunity to take class from 19 amazing faculty members including guest artists, Charlotte Ballet teaching artists and even some of our very own company members. See how company dancers JUWAN ALSTON (3 seasons) and JAMIE DEE CLIFTON (8 seasons) think you can make the most of the summer intensive experience.


1. Be open to a new way of doing the same steps that you have done for years.

2. Any correction that is said during class, immediately apply it to yourself.

3. Keeping a notebook to take notes on everything makes a huge difference, especially during faculty lectures. Getting to know your faculty’s background helps you understand a bit more of where they come from as a teacher.

WEB_SQ-0874R_fix_Juwan_Alston_023“When I went to a summer intensive, I had the mindset of all work and little play. I don’t recommend that. Take advantage of the extracurricular activities. Work hard during class, but really enjoy all of the events planned and get to know each other. The dance world is so small and the connections that you make will carry on throughout your career.”

“I am looking forward to teaching a new group of students that are hungry and eager to learn and improve” says Juwan. “Summer Intensives are so special to me, and the students help me learn so much about myself as a dancer and a teacher.”


1. Stay focused. There can be a lot of social and emotional distractions; remember why you are here. You are all talented and valuable, so make the most of your experience!

2. Any summer intensive is exhausting, so work hard AND work smart.

3. Address any minor aches and pains by seeking advise from teachers or PT staff about how to care for them so that they don’t become a bigger problem.

4. Make good food choices so that you have the proper fuel for your body and your brain.

5. Get plenty of sleep at night!

web_SQ-0874R_fix_Jamie_Dee_Clifton_003“There is something valuable to learn from each class, teacher, and fellow student in the program. Come in with an open mind, open eyes and an open heart.”

Jamie recently danced her last performance with Charlotte Ballet at Inspired Works but is excited to come back this summer as a teacher at our summer intensive. “The students that come to Charlotte Ballet’s Summer Intensive are always so kind, smart, focused and talented.” says Jamie. “It is a joy to be around humans with those qualities.”

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