Meet the Main Characters of The Most Incredible Thing

The Most Incredible Thing is a fairytale pop ballet bringing to life a kingdom of colorful characters. Get to know the four main characters – the king, the princess, the destroyer and the creator – and the importance of an incredible clock…

The King

In search of a husband for his daughter, the king announces he will award half the kingdom and his daughter’s hand in marriage to whoever can invent the country’s most incredible thing and present it in a competition at the palace.

The Princess

Rebellious and confident, this teenage princess longs to fall in love with an incredible man but is worried he won’t live up to her father’s standards. The King wishes to find a man worthy of the kingdom and his daughter, but she would rather be jamming out to pop music in her bedroom than living the monotonous life of everyone else in the land.

Leo the Creator

Leo, a dreamer and creator, escapes the oppressive routine of the rest of the kingdom and wishes the same for the princess. Though he is truly in love with the princess, he worries if his talents are incredible enough to convince the King to let him marry her. With help from three muses, he enters the King’s competition, hoping his clock will win the title of “the most incredible thing.”

Karl the Destroyer

Karl, the brutal supervisor of the kingdom’s workers, is hungry for even more power. When he hears of the King’s competition, he plots how he can turn it to his advantage. When Leo wins the competition, Karl steps forward and crushes his clock! Is destroying something incredible actually the most incredible act?

The Clock 

The clock, created by Leo with the help of three muses that wins the King’s competition, has its own incredible stories to tell. What can happen when a clock has a mind of its own?

Can Leo save the princess from the arms of evil Karl and rescue the citizens from the grind of their daily lives? See if creativity overcomes destruction and find out what truly is the most incredible thing!