Advice by Bean

Nutcracker is in full swing! With performances running December 7-23 at the Belk Theater, its not too late to get tickets to see the magic of Nutcracker! So now you bought your tickets, gathered your friends and family and there’s just one thing left to do: pick out the most holiday-fab outfit to wear to the performance! We asked our favorite 6-year-old mini blogger, Bean, of The Sweet Life of Bean, to give us some of her best Nutcracker-inspired looks.

“The Nutcracker is an awesome performance and I’m so glad that I’ll get to see it soon! My mom helped me to choose three outfits that I think are good for you to wear to a show of the Nutcracker.

It’s important to be comfortable and fashionable because you’ll probably take a lot of pictures with your family and friends. I chose things that were like the actual Nutcracker, so I thought of names that reminded me of parts of the performance. Also, it’s neat because each outfit has some velvet in it. My velvet headband makes me think of all the pretty bows in the performance.

I call the three outfits: English Tea Party, Mouse Queen and Sugar Plum Fun!”

Outfit #1: English Tea Party

“This reminds me of when the little girl (Clara) flies in the boat with the Nutcracker to see all of the different characters. My dress has velvet and little children flying over England.”

Dress: Poppy Whitaker / Shoe: Zara / Headband: Henny and Coco / Sweater: Gap Kids

Outfit #2: Mouse Queen

My jacket reminds me of the mice but this jacket is nice; the mice aren’t so nice in the performance. My shoe is glittery and sparkly like all of the fun costumes in the performance. My shirt makes me feel powerful and you should feel powerful when you’re watching something fun like the Nutcracker.”

Jacket: Egg by Susan Lazar / Shirt: Wee Rascals / Skirt: Mayoral / Tights: Gap Kids / Shoe: Golden Goose Luxury Brand / Headband: Henny and Coco

Outfit #3: Sugar Plum Fun

“My crown is like the Sugar Plum Fairy’s crown! I like this velvet dress because it reminds me of Christmas time. Not sure but it just does! It’s also very comfortable, so if if you get cold, you can tuck your legs under it.”

Dress: Mac and Mia / Tights: Egg by Susan Lazar / Shoe: Zara / Headband: Crew Cuts for J.Crew


December 7-23 at the Belk Theater