Charlotte Ballet’s 2019 National Audition Tour has just begun and we can’t wait to tour the US to see all of the students audition for the 2019 Summer Intensive.

Over the course of the summer, dancers will have the opportunity to take classes from 20+ instructors, including guest artists, with curriculum ranging from ballet to modern to yoga and more. Don’t forget to register for the National Audition Tour to have the opportunity to attend our Summer Intensive!

To help students navigate the summer intensive experience, Charlotte Ballet’s company dancers share their best advice for young dancers!

James Kopecky

4th Season with Charlotte Ballet

James Kopecky urges dancers to “Please be yourself. No one got anywhere by being someone else.”

Juwan Alston

4th Season with Charlotte Ballet

“You will battle many things as a dancer, but the biggest battle will be within yourself. Don’t be afraid to take a step back, breathe, acknowledge and accept how you feel, pull yourself together, and get back in the game!” Juwan Alston says

Drew Grant

3rd Season with Charlotte Ballet

“Be courageous! Try to become stronger each day. Think positively and make the studio a haven where you can escape and focus on yourself.” Drew Grant recommends.

Amelia Sturt-Dilley

4th Season with Charlotte Ballet

Amelia Sturt-Dilley advises that you “Don’t let anyone tell you who you are as an artist. If you love it enough you can become anything you desire.”

Sarah Lapointe

4th Season with Charlotte Ballet

Always listen to corrections whether they are for you or directed towards another dancer. You can never have enough to work on.” Sarah Lapointe says.

Raven Barkley

4th Season with Charlotte Ballet

Raven Barkley reminds dancers to “Continue to reach for your goals and appreciate all that comes with achieving those goals; both the challenges and success. Challenges are there to make you a stronger individual on your pathway to success.”

Sarah Hayes Harkins

11th Season with Charlotte Ballet

Sarah Hayes Harkins simply tells dancers to “be hungry,” which can mean something different to each individual, but still resonates with all.

Alessandra Ball James

14th Season with Charlotte Ballet

And lastly, Alessandra Ball James wants dancers to “Always be the best YOU. Be inspired by others but only compare yourself to you the day before. There is only one you and you’re beautiful.”

Follow these pro tips to make sure your summer intensive is a “brisé!”

Can’t wait for the summer? Neither can we! Learn more about our 2019 National Audition tour here and we will see you at the 2019 Summer Intensive!