This work was inspired by and filmed at the Black Lives Matter mural in Uptown Charlotte. Enjoy this innovative project, created by Charlotte Ballet artists Sarah Hayes Harkins and Maurice Mouzon Jr. After choreographing and rehearsing via Zoom, Charlotte Ballet dancers took to the streets of Uptown Charlotte where the work was filmed. We hope Uptown Collective draws attention to the important social justice issues in our community.

Choreographers/Directors: Sarah Hayes Harkins, Maurice Mouzon Jr.

Videographer/Editor/Co-Director: James Wiley

Dancers: Raven Barkley, Nadine Barton, Juan Castellanos, Emerson Dayton, Sarah Hayes Harkins, Meredith Hwang, Maurice Mouzon Jr., Sarah Lapointe, David Preciado, Zoe Ross Parker, Andres Tresevant, Amelia Sturt-Dilly, Shaina Wire

Mural Artists: Dammit Wesley, Dakotah Aiyanna, Matthew Clayburn, Abel Jackson, Garrison Gist, Owl & Arko, Kyle Mosher, Franklin Kernes, Kiana Mui, Marcus Kiser, Georgie Nakima, Zach McLean, Frankie Zombie, CHD:WCK!, John Hairston, Dari Calamari

Payton Harkins, musician and composer, generously offered his original music for this film. Thank you to the city of Charlotte for allowing filming at the location.