Face It:
Face Bullying.
Face Supremacy.
Face Women Empowerment.
Face People of Color.
Face Justice.

On October 29, #WorldBalletDay, we’re excited to premiere the digital performance of Face It, brought to us by Nadine Barton.

“I wanted this film to be about community but also how we reject our own kind. I was listening to this song on a drive, and I couldn’t help but relate the lyrics ‘it might be time to face it’ to the current events that are surrounding us. This is the time to face many topics that have been avoided or dismissed for too long—my hope is that this project will make people think about their own feelings on these subjects,” said Nadine. “Each dancer wears monochromatic outfits to tribute the 11 colors on the Progressive Pride flag. I intended to highlight bullying, supremacy, woman empowerment, and people of color. The project revolves around different people coming together, just like our company, and hopefully the world we live in.”

Enjoy this latest installment in Charlotte Ballet’s digital series.

Choreographer/Director: Nadine Barton

Videographer/Editor/Co-Director: James Wiley

Dancers: Raven Barkley, Nadine Barton, Josh Hall, Ben Ingel, James Kopecky, Sarah Lapointe, Rees Launer, Maurice Mouzon Jr., Amelia Sturt-Dilley, Andrés Trezevant, and Shaina Wire