Meet Sloan Pearson!

Sloan is an alum of Charlotte Ballet Academy, and is currently an artist with Peter Chu’s company chuthis.

“Audition for everything, immerse yourself into the world that is dance. You can’t say you’ve mastered a thing until you’ve gained an understanding of all of the capacities. Be the voice of support within a room. Remain open and sincere despite the turbulence that life may bring, and transform hearts around the world by touching them in real ways with your artistry. You have to feel it first for others to believe it and join you on your journey. Dance is a career of self-work that lends to a lifetime of growth, knowledge, and a deepened sense of humanity.”

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Your hobbies outside of dance?

Outside of dance I enjoy writing poetry as well as free form. As of lately I find myself leaning more towards research work. I also enjoy drawing and painting when I have time between naps with my puppy who keeps me very busy. I like to stay creative, but I also enjoy rest. Self-care, walks, meditation, and sometimes leaving time to explore thoughts before my day comes to a close are things I’m quite passionate about. A healthy and balanced life is a sustainable one.

Who or what inspires you?

Life is so simple when we slow down to see it. To really feel it. Moments that force me back into those head spaces truly inspire me. Whether the humbling of grief, or the uninhibited elation that lives within joy — the never ending rhythm of life unites us and continues to light a spark from human to human if only we train our eyes and hearts to see it. All of that to say that I have been touched by many people on my journey. Teachers, family, friends, and passing kind strangers all the same. Leaning in and listening openly keeps me inspired.

Memorable dance moment?

Kathryn Moriarty, one of my teachers at an early age at Charlotte put me at my own barre to really challenge me daily to push myself. I was away from the mirror, and friends. These days alone gave me time to reflect and make choices. Some of my biggest moments of character building in my life to be frank. In these moments I knew that dance was going to take me onward in my life in a wholesome and full way with my own sense of self and direction. From there, in high school an Alumni from Point Park University came to my high school, Northwest School of the Arts, and taught a master class thanks to my teacher Jesse Buchanan. At that point I remembered the passion I developed at the barre. The person I found; myself. I shifted my dreams of going pre-med, and decided that I wouldn’t be happy without dance in my life, and from there I’ve been soaring on endless dreams passionately.

Advice for young dancers?

My advice to young dancers is to keep an open mind and dare yourself to try all styles. A true dance education is a well-rounded one, and I was fortunate for my terminology tests as well as my exposure to all that dance is. By doing so, I am able to walk into any room and simply apply my techniques to find my own voice within each vernacular that a choreographer may explore. My next piece of advice is beyond what happens in the studio. Passion is from a place of love. A gift. What you-our into yourself is what you pour out into the world. Investigate who you are, what you believe to be true and false, and challenge it all. Educate yourself with books, and with experiences that you and your peers experience. I encourage you to dig deeper than the surface and through this gift of dance that we are blessed to explore, ask yourself, what is my purpose, and how can I contribute to a lasting and sustainable future?