In The Studio with Rena Butler

Innovative 1970 | February 4-26 | Center For Dance

“People that surf tumultuous waters usually say that a “set” is a series of ocean waves that travel in groups of seven, with the seventh wave being the biggest and most powerful. The assumption is based on the time spent in the water waiting for the waves to arrive from the horizon. The lulls are often followed by action…” – “Why Do Waves Come in Sets?” 2020.

How many waves are in the world’s set of attempting to take action against gender inequalities, and how long do we wait before the big swell, the big shift in progressing forward? In every instance upon reflecting towards the past, there is a swell of opportunity to innovate our present and future. And just how far have we come since 1970? How many waves have passed?

We are thrilled to present Princess Grace Award Winner Rena Butler for the first time at Charlotte Ballet’s Innovative 1970. Take a peek inside the studio with her.