What is a “Fairy-Tailored” Performance?

Our upcoming performance of Sleeping Beauty is a bit different than you may have seen before. We are so excited to introduce the idea of a “fairy-tailored” performance of ballet classics to our Charlotte audience and beyond. But what exactly does it mean?

  1. It’s shorter

    The original Sleeping Beauty ballet is 3+ hours long! Our fairy-tailored version is just under 2 hours.

  2. It’s narrated

    Many ballets use pantomime (or expressive movements) to help tell their story. This fairy-tailored version introduces an actual narrator to the stage (shown above!) to help you understand the plot!

  3. Its goal is to make this classical ballet more accessible, understandable, and family-friendly

    A three-hour ballet can be a bit long (we know, we’ve seen quite a few). We hope this reduced version is an opportunity to introduce this ballet masterwork to new audiences and families of all ages!