Fall Works,  a compelling triple bill that celebrates the centennial of two landmark artists – Leonard Bernstein and Jerome Robbins – introduces Charlotte to French Choreographer Medhi Walerski and premieres a new work by Sasha Janes.

Find out why our dancers are excited for Fall Works and why you should be too! Fall Works runs Oct. 11-13 at the Knight theater, with tickets starting at just $25! BUY TICKETS >>

Amelia Sturt-Dilley | 4th Season

Fall Works is always a program I look forward to. I am most excited to perform Medhi Walerski’s Petite Cérémonie. There is a unique sense of theatricality within the work that will be a joy to rehearse and perform. 

Anson Zwingelberg | 2nd Season

Fall Works will be an amazing program– celebrating Jerome Robbin’s centenary with Fancy Free, another special creation with Sasha Janes and repertoire by Medhi Walkerski. This show will be one to remember. 

James Kopecky | 3rd Season

I think audiences will go nuts for Fall WorksIt ties everything together with Bernstein!

Josh Hall | 7th Season

I’m most looking forward to Fall Works because Fancy Free is on my ballet bucket list.

Peter Mazurowski | 3rd Season

The audiences are really going to love Fall Works. The music of Bernstein is so iconic, and the three pieces in the program are all so different that it will be a really well-rounded and exciting show to watch.

Alessandra James | 14th Season

I’m excited for audiences to see all the versatility and new works that Charlotte Ballet has in store for this year! Fall Works will bring something new and refreshing to the community. 

Maurice Mouzon Jr | 3rd Season

I’m most excited for Fall Works and the celebration of Leonard Bernstein music.

Ready to see what all the excitement is about?

Fall Works runs October 11-13 at the Knight Theater

Join the celebration of two landmark artists and experience a world premiere all in one night!