Performance, Interviews & Behind-the-Scenes

Saturday, April 11 @ 7:30 PM

We invite you to join us Saturday evening for the second installment of @ Home with Charlotte Ballet featuring Essence of Numbers — a piece created for 2019’s Choreographic Lab by company artist and choreographer Sarah Hayes Harkins. 

Choreographers work in a variety of ways, and the process by which Harkins and composer Jared Oaks, music director for Ballet West, collaborated on this work was unique. Instead of setting Essence of Numbers to existing music, choreographer and composer worked together in a months-long, back-and-forth “conversation” that resulted in an original score informed by the movement — all created simultaneously.

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Artistic Director: Hope Muir

Choreographer: Sarah Hayes Harkins

Composer: Jared Oaks, Music Director of Ballet West

Company Dancers: Alessandra Ball James, Chelsea Dumas, Amelia Sturt-Dilley, Sarah Lapointe, Colby Foss, Ben Ingel, Josh Hall, Drew Grant

Costumes: Sarah Hayes Harkins designed costumes in collaboration with the Charlotte Ballet Costume Shop Staff

Lighting Design: Rick Moll

Photo by: Taylor Jones

Thank you Ballet West for helping to enable this collaboration with your Musical Director, Jared Oaks.