Interviews & Behind-the-Scenes

Saturday, May 2 @ 7:30 PM

Under the artistic leadership of Charlotte Symphony Music Director Christopher Warren-Green and Charlotte Ballet Artistic Director Hope Muir, this community collaboration was the first co-creation between the Ballet and the Symphony since the 1990s. In a re-imagined presentation of Igor Stravinksky’s The Rite of Spring, the performance connected the orchestra and professional choreography with students from Charlotte Ballet’s Reach program in an unprecedented community partnership.

Choreographer Peter Chu described his work as being driven by themes of togetherness during the creative process. The result was a performance encompassing the “power of moving together as a group, as a whole, to create greatness,” said Chu.

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Artistic Director: Hope Muir

Choreographer: Peter Chu

Composer: Igor Stravinsky

Conductor: Christopher Warren-Green

Dancers: Charlotte Ballet, Charlotte Ballet II, Charlotte Ballet Reach Students

Thank you to the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra and Music Director Christopher Warren-Green for their partnership.

Photos by: Jeff Cravotta