In honor of Black History Month, we shone a light on the work of those who paved the way for Black dancers in Ballet. Now, we’d like to introduce you to the Black artists who are currently making history at Charlotte Ballet. Read our interview with Maurice Mouzon, Jr.

Favorite Quote: “Trying gets you tried, doing gets you done” -Samatha Christiansen, High School Instructor

Who inspired you to become a dancer? Growing up, I was always inspired by Michael Jackson and wanted to become a performer, but it wasn’t until I attended Baltimore School for the Arts that really pushed me to become a dancer. I’ve learned so much there and wouldn’t be where I am today without the constant inspiration I got walking the halls.

Favorite performance at Charlotte Ballet: Petit Cérémonie by Medhi Walerski. The process was amazing and a very exciting piece to perform. I actually learned how to juggle for one of the scenes, which I never knew I could do.

Get-Up-and-Go song: Michael Jackson’s “You Rock My World”

Favorite comfort food right now: Chocolate Chip 🍪 Cookies

Cutest outfit you haven’t been able to wear because of COVID-19 restrictions: I actually wore one of my cutest outfits during quarantine…it was my Olaf onesie!

Photo 1 by Jeff Cravotta
Photo 2 by Todd Rosenberg