Meet Madeline​ Jazz Harvey!

We are excited to introduce another incredible Charlotte Ballet alumna: Madeline​ Jazz Harvey!

Madeline began her professional career as an apprentice at Charlotte Ballet in 2004. In 2010, she joined Hernan Justo’s Carolina Ballet Theatre as a principal dancer, resident choreographer, and outreach coordinator for five full-time seasons. She is now an Assistant Professor of Dance at Colorado State University. Read Madeline’s answers to our alumni Q&A:

Q: At what age did you start dancing?

A: “My mom and sisters would say I was born dancing, but I began my formal dance training at Charlotte Ballet Academy when I was 8 years old.”

Q: Your hobbies outside of dance?

A: “I enjoy swimming, baking, and listening to music.”

Q: Who or what inspires you?

A: “I met my husband 15 years ago at Chatauqua and we now have an almost two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. Her confidence, wit, creativity, kindness, and inquisitiveness inspire me every day!”

Q: Memorable dance moment?

A: “During the formative years of my dance training, Charlotte Ballet Academy (at the time named “Dance Place”) was housed in a building with one large and one small dance studio. The large studio (where the company rehearsed) had no door. The architectural design was such that when you walked in, you were standing at the back of rehearsal with Dwight Rhoden, Alonzo King, Nicolo Fonte, Jacqulyn Buglisi, the list goes on. Observing incredible artists, many of whom are now Charlotte Ballet Academy faculty like Ayisha McMillian Cravotta, Heather Ferranti Ferguson, Anita Pacylowski Justo, Kati Hanlon Mayo, and more, in the throes of the creative process is what drove me to dance professionally. As for a memorable dance moment, I will never forget the first time I took class with Patricia McBride. The expressiveness and generosity that poured out from her was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Every time I teach, I try to pass forward the warmth and joy she exudes.”

Q: Advice for young dancers?

A: “Find a way to love yourself and practice it as often as you practice pirouettes!”

Q: What is your favorite part of teaching/choreographing at Colorado State?

A: “My favorite part of teaching and choreographing at Colorado State University is seeing the students grow and expand their perspectives during our four years together. I love seeing them taking risks and making their own discoveries. I am grateful to be a resource and source of support for them as they graduate and enter the professional world. I also love working with expectant mothers on dance and emotional availability as part of my Movement Through Motherhood research in collaboration with Dr. Zeynep Biringen.”

Q: What excites you about the future of Ballet?

A: “I am excited to see how choreographers will explore current themes through the language of ballet while building more inclusive dance spaces.”

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