We are honored to have such an incredible new leader pave the way for our organization’s artistic future. From his performance career to choreographic awards,  Alejandro…. Don’t just take it from us. Hear what some of the best of the best have to say. 

“One Thousand Pieces is simply one of the most visually stunning works I’ve ever seen.” -Lauren Warnecke, Art Intercepts

“One Thousand Pieces” choreographed by Alejandro Cerrudo. Photo by Angela Sterling.

“Cerrudo demonstrates a consistent, inventive vocabulary of movement; you never know quite how the dancers will move next, but you marvel at how perfectly it all flows, and how it leaves you moved and changed and wishing you could live within it, just a little longer.” -Seattle Times 

“Cerrudo’s performance in “Wendy Whelan – Restless Creature” last Jan. was a big success. His thoughtful critiques charmed dance makers at CHOREOLab2015 too, which sparked La Jolla Music Society to invite the attractive Hubbard troupe for its Dance Series.” -San Diego Story 

“What I couldn’t anticipate was the stunning impact of this all-Cerrudo program, not only because of the brilliance and range of this young choreographer’s opus, but because of his careful cultivation of a program whose elements combined so organically that the whole became even greater than the sum of its delectable parts” -See Chicago Dance 

“Little Mortal Jump’s choreography is itself culturally and emotionally mature; Cerrudo, resident choreographer at Hubbard street Dance Chicago, is a genius” -City Arts Magazine, Seattle 

“Little Mortal Jump” choreographed by Alejandro Cerrudo. Photo by Angela Sterling.

“Using every element with economy, Cerrudo was a master of editing as much as dance­making. Little Mortal Jump’s afterglow was unforgettably sweet and infinitely memorable.” -Berkeleyside 

“It’s a breathtakingly beautiful and uplifting experience . … I’d say contemplating God possibly never looked more spectacular.” -Vika Lvova for Buzznews 

“No muscle isn’t engaged and expressive, no spectator unchanged by the vision. Congratulations, Mr. Cerrudo. You have crossed the line from genius to legend.” –Chicago Theater Beat

“Watching Cerrudo’s astonishing series of dances served as a master class in the potential of the human form” 

“Silent Ghost” choreographed by Alejandro Cerrudo. Photo by Angela Sterling.